The Start Of A New LIfe

The Giant Step

In the early days of the Europe. there were poor, unhappy people. people questioned the church because everything was being destroyed around them. By then people had to make a good situation out of a bad one. People started to be more creative with the situations they were in. The main reason this all happened was because of the people that encouraged others. People who encouraged other made this all expand. And then the renaissance bloomed into action. people were starting to enjoy art and creativity. People took over religions and expanded culture and the way of living. And soon enough this spread from city to city. eventually all of Europe took over the creativity and art and that was when the renaissance took a leap into a better life for the people of Europe.

Important Induviduals

Although the renaissance was a good time, it would not have happened if it weren't for the important people involved. People like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Dante, and many others were a huge part of this time. Not only did they have a passion for art and creativity, but they were also why art is so popular and existent today. they are the ones who made art to spread to the world and make lives better by encouraging others. they were all hero's. And this made it easy for the renaissance to spread.

The Affect

After the renaissance, cultures and arts that were formed stayed. even after, we still see people making an effort to keep the culture bloomed in different ways. Trade was one of these ways. when people trade they spread the arts and cultures. and not only that but trade cause more good and money. there were more paintings and different things in Europe and eventually across the world! there were less poor and this caused even more blooming. The renaissance changed lives

Long Term

After the renaissance, people still kept the culture alive. even today we see monuments, old paintings, and even religions that became stronger. Our cultures wouldn't be the same without the renaissance. This changed the world. And not only that but the people alive today are still carrying this culture as if it were their creation.