Come the Silk Road on a Beautiful Adventure!

Reviewed by our Costumer Jeffrey

I went to the silk road and was taken back by the beautiful scenery. The mountains were spectacular to hike on. The river water was crisp, clear, and delicious. And the dessert was a great place to get a beautiful tan!!


Beautiful Mountain to have an exhilerating. These mountains were beneficial to the ancient traders. There are also clean, fresh, long rivers to drink out of. there are desserts that are amazing to walk through while drinking out of the fresh water rivers. There is so much history on the silk road that connected China to Europe and Asia.l
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The Types of Goods on the Silk Road

There were many types of goods on the silk road such as silk, linens, gold, and fur. However, of course silk was the most valuable and that is why it is called the silk road.

Countries That you can see While on the Silk Road

Chinese silk was very popular. So of course you will see China. Also most of Europe, and Central Asia.
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