What is Media Literacy

Sean Kim SMORE 1

Media Literacy

Literacy was specified as the ability to read or write. However, in the 21st century media literacy was introduced. Media literacy helps students and adults to build an understanding the role of media in a society. Media literacy’s framework is where people are able to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media. This can come from any form of media such as TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, books, and many other forms of media.

In media literacy, language arts isn’t the only subject it applies too. Other subject as social studies, health, science, and other subjects apply to. Educators have found that media literacy is an effective and engaging way to apply critical thinking skills. As a result, media literacy can help in other ways too not just critical thinking. Media literacy can help students and adults understand how media messages shape our culture and society, identify target marketing strategies, recognize what the media maker wants us to believe or do, and many more. It isn’t just media that has advertises a product or their brand.

Families can see some media as a bad influence for their children. However, that helps the children learn and may help them shape who they might become in the future. Learning media literacy isn’t just simply memorizing words but rather learn the true meaning behind it. This allows them to create their own meaning or message from the media. For example, the media may convey bullying, smoking, and many more but they can teach kids how dangerous the society might be.