By Susanne Winnacker

Susanne Winnacker

Impostor Basics

Variant's literal definition is a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard.

FEA is a branch of the FBI and stands for Forces with Extraordinary Abilities.

Impostor Main Characters

  • Tess- auburn hair, turquoise eyes, shape shifting Variant
  • Maddy- long blonde hair, very skinny, brown eyes, popular
  • Alec- black hair, grey eyes, buff, tan, tall, attractive, protective, strength Variant
  • Kate- amber eyes, rude, mind reading Variant
  • Major-strict, tough, slicked back black hair, unknown Variant
  • Others: Holly, Summers, Linda and Ronald Chambers, Mr. Yates, Devon, Ryan, Ana, Phil

The Mission's Beginning

  • Tess starts training
  • Must impersonate Maddy
  • Acts as Maddy in hospital
  • Stalker at the house
  • Goes back to school and meets Ana
  • Learns about Ryan
  • Meets Mr. Yates

Climax and Ending of the Mission

  • Francesca's party
  • Notices fog
  • Devon's room with necklace and knife
  • Follow Devon
  • Creepy House
  • Sees killer
  • Kills Killer
  • More Variations (Phil, Ryan, and Devon)

Tess and Alec

  • too young for him
  • Alec and Kate
  • tries to be Kate
  • Alec sent on mission
  • Alec=protective
  • shows up at maddys funeral
  • begin dating for real

My Connection

  • A
  • Stalker
  • Group of popular girls
  • Relationship with Teacher
  • Creepy house

My Opinion

  • Very intriguing
  • Multiple Stories
  • Somewhat disappointing/predictable
  • Decreasing Diction
  • Awkward Ending
  • Seven out of Ten