Pride & Prejudice

Tyra Nolan

No way (poem 1)

Tyra Nolan
English IV/6
Mrs. Dearman
14 November 2013
No Way
There is no way I could truly love you,
How could i possibly adore you,
There is nothing about you that screams love,
You can't be the one he sent from above,
Your pride and arrogance gets in the way,
Why do you think that would make me stay?
Your money means nothing to me,
Because love to me is everything,
Oh, to love you I'd rather not,
Because my love can not be bought

Love me, Love me Not (poem 2)

Tyra Nolan
English IV/6
Mrs. Dearman
14 November 2013
Love me, Love me not
There is something about her that is so intriguing,
And my heart can't take how she won't believe me,
I am not that proud,
I am not that cold,
There is still a story in me left to be told,
My heart smiles every time we meet,
OH! how that dance was such a treat,
If she would just give me a chance,
She would see our lives could be the perfect romance,
But I will not beg her, I am a little proud,
Maybe one day she will see how my heart cries for her so loud

Realationship anaylsis: Jane & BIngley

Tyra Nolan
English IV/6
Mrs. Dearman
14 November 2013

Jane Bennet is the eldest daughter of the five Bennet daughters. She is said to be the prettiest of them all. Charles Bingley is the brother of two sisters. He is the best friend of Mr. Darcy.
Mr. Bingley and Miss Bennett met during the first ball at Netherfeild. It was love at first sight. Bingley later told told Darcy that she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. They danced together, twice. Although, Bingley danced with other ladies,he was clearly set on Jane.
Bingley is easily persuaded, because of this, he allowed Mr. Darcy to convince him that Jane was not in love with him as much as he was in love with her. So Bingley went to London for a long while. His sister left a letter for Jane telling her that they would be leaving and did not know when they would return. Jane was heart broken.
Later on Darcy went to get Bingley from London to reunite him with Jane. Bingley and Darcy came to the Bennett house, they were unprepared and were scurrying around trying to act "normal". WHen the men came in MRs. Bennet started blabbering off, as usuaul, about the latest news and how beautiful Jane looked. Then Bingley left the house in a hurry. Then after a long while Bingley returned and asked to speak with Jane alone. Everyone left, but eavesdropped at the door. Bingley proposed to Jane, and she accepted.
In twenty years I see this couple happily married and still in love. With three or so kids. Frequently visiting and getting frequent visits from their siblings. I think that they will be the central couple of both families. They will be the "go to" couple. When other family members are in need they will go to them. Also when someone is in need of relationship guidance or need of an example they will go to the Bingley's.

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