Alicia-5 Famous People From Argentina

  • Pope Francis is from Argentina -This man became the Bishop in Rome. He is the 226th Pope that they've had and while he is Pope he will hopefully make a wonderful impact on us.
  • Hector Varela-This man is a musician in Argentina and his music is well known there. So he might not have songs in America but that doesn't mean he isn't famous.
  • Diego Ramos-Is a TV actor that is in not many movies but has been in movies. He usually plays a very serious role in movies and
  • Lionel Messi-Soccer Player
  • Manu Ginobili-Football Player

Alicia-Resources In Argentina

  • Minerals-Halite, Fuorlite, Quartz, etc.
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil
  • Nuclear Power
  • Seafood

They also have

  • Livestock Raising
  • Subsistence Farming
  • Commercial Farming
  • Manufacturing

Alicia-Economy and Current Events


  • Primary Industry-Argentina as an industry where they get the supplies
  • Mining-The mining is Argentina doesn't get very popular minerals
  • Agriculture-In Argentina, they raise many animals that supply a good amount of meat
  • Kind of Free Economy-For somethings the people there may choose as they please
  • Private freedom-Most of the time people have their opioin private

Current Events

  • In Argentina nothng much really happens-Watch the news, you would know
  • They are recognizing woman who were leaders currently-To make them feel appreciated
  • A couple has just bought a million wild acres-They want to help Argentina grow
  • One gas company is trying to lower their prices-They believe it is unfair to pay more

Alicia-Economy and Current Events Paragraph

Th economy in Argentina has been traditionally based on agriculture, the industrial system has been trying to grow. Although today the industrial bussiness are still trying to grow, the agriculture is getting bigger every week. They grow a lot of food for many animals that provide a ton of meat that is transported every week. Currently in Argentina, not much has happend. Argentina may be quiet but the Pope was born there. So he is making exciting things happen. But nowadays, Argentina has people dancing and laguhing with happy smiles. Recently a couple bought a millon wild acres to help Argentina grow but in my opinion, they don't need more meat then what they have :D. On some tv shoes, they are inviting important woman to join they show for a day to tell their story. Argentina seems very caring to me.

Ashley- Culture


  • eat lots of Mexican food
  • wine is produced in many places
  • play soccer, basketball, and rugby
  • July 9th is their Independence Day (most celebrated)
  • mostly speak Spanish
  • Always are well dressed

Ashley-Culture Paragraph

Argentina is a very interesting place. From the foods they eat to the sports they play. Lets start with the food. A lot of Mexican food is cooked and eaten. Empanadas, pastries filled with meat, cheese and vegetables, are very popular. Some other things they eat are pasta and pizza. Argentina is also known as "A meat lover's dream" because they always have the best variety of meat to buy and try. The most popular adult beverage drunken their is, wine! Many places produce wine too. They also play many sports. Like basketball, rugby, and most popular, soccer. Many festivals occur throughout the year. One that's very important is July 9th, their independence day. Their main language is Spanish. When you are there you will notice they are mostly well dressed too. Once you go, you will never forget the people and their culture.

Ashley- Government


  • republican
  • elected president
  • elected governor
  • elected mayor
  • elected vice-president
  • 2 house national congress

Ashley-Goverment Paragraph

Argentina has a very well organized government. They are republican and there are 23 provinces and Buenos Aires. The provinces have a elected governor and Buenos Aires has a elected mayor. The president and vice-president can only serve 4 years at a time. There is always a lot going on, but they somehow keep it together.

Ashley- What to Pack!

What to bring:

  • sun block- it is hot and sunny
  • walking shoes- many places to see, don't want sore feet
  • cell phone- helps with navigation
  • camera- want to remember all the amazing places you went to
  • Spanish dictionary- just to help you with all the people speaking Spanish
  • bug repellent- can sometimes get buggy
  • hat- to help cool your face and head off
  • sunglasses- its always sunny!
  • dress clothes- most places are nice and very festival
  • money- many things to buy and try


Extremely delicious pastries filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables. This dish is very popular in Argentina!


There are many wine factories that you can find in Argentina. Not only can you buy the wine from the bottle but go for wine tastings and try many different types of wine!


1. Historic buildings

2. Patagonia

3. Andy's mountains

4. Buenos aires

5. Cave of time hands

6. Mountain climbing

7. Iguazu falls

8. Iguazu national park

9. plaza de maya

10. Capital of argentina

ben- history

-1516 argentina was invaded by nomadic indians

-1580 buenos Aires was established

-2009 suffered major drought

-8 largest state in the world

-almost 300 years argentina was in spainish control

ben-history paragraph

Argentina was invaded in 1516 by nomatic indians and argentina won. buenos aires was established in 1580 and was controlled by spainish c


the first picture is buenos aires which is the capitail city of argentina.

the second picture is of a beach in argentina while the sun is setting