Nicole Fouts, Lauren Torris, Cole Richter, and Macey Gerrek

3.) Spain Culture

Sevilla is a dance style than is perform at fiestas.dances are performed at most or all the festivals. Popular music in spain is classicalguiitar,spanish opera and andalusian.

2.) Santiago de Compostela (Old Town)

Santiago de Compostela is a historical place to visit in spain. ''where visitor can couple the newly gained spiritual experience with some delights for the body.''

4.) bad part of Spain

In Spain there a 9 million people in poverty.hundrads of thousands are at risk of losing there homes. there is know to be 300.000 with no entitement to free state healthcare.Spains crime rate in among the lowest in Europe and violent crime is rare but drugs are growing rapidly throughtout the the state
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