Wanted - for 7th Grade Science

Please donate the following.

Materials Needed for Future Hands-On Opportunities

Many of our teachers attended the Middle School Conference this weekend. While attending a number of science sessions, I came across some ideas that require materials that I do not currently have in my classroom. I am asking for your help.

We need any Tinker Toy or K'nex parts that you or the students may find around the house. If you have just one or several pieces that you would be willing to donate to our class, these materials would be greatly appreciated. We could also use any wooden wheels or dowel rods that would be approximately the same size as the Tinker Toy or K'nex pieces.

In addition to these materials, I would like to begin collecting small boxes and empty egg cartons.

If you can donate any of these materials, I would greatly appreciate your help. I will be collecting these materials for the entire month of March, so share our needs with your family and friends so that the students will have a large selection to chose from when we do these activities. Thank you in advance for your help!


Mrs. Sexton