Why to believe in Hashem?

Al Dimont 8th Grade Hashkafa Class

Morals Reason

1. Can't be that humans are rational because sometimes the wrong thing to do or the irrational thing to do is the correct thing to do

2. No one decided what was right and what was wrong because how would he have the authority? There must have also been morals before him because how would he be able to come up with these ideas.

3. Not humanity because throughout history murder was directed at certain people and the other people wouldn't do anything because they weren't getting hurt by it.

Ex: Holocaust

Scientific Reason

1. What created living things. Even if you believe in evolution the first cell had to come from somewhere.

2. If you even have a tiny mistake in your DNA it could create huge differences.

Ex: Down Syndrome

3. Look at everything around you. What could have created all these wonders.

Jewish Reason

1. How are the Jewish people still alive after everything that has happened to them

Ex: Holocaust

2. We are the longest religion that has ever existed. We have been here from the beginnings of time.

3. Archeologists are digging up proof of what it says in the Torah which is proof of Gods miracles.

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