By: Melanie Cho


The Caddo Indians lived in the Coastal Plains Region of Texas.

Dwelling they lived in

The Caddos lived in tall, coned houses made of grass and hay. They covered it with cane.


Caddo harvested corn, beans, pumpkins, and sunflowers. They hunted deer, buffalo, and small game. The foods they made were; cornbread, soups, and stews. They obtained their food by using spears and bow and arrows.

Weapons and Tools

They used bow and arrows for hunting. They caught fish and shellfish with trap baskets, and they used tomahawks and heavy stone for weapons.


They often told legends and fairy-tales around a fire, storytelling was an important part of their lives.


Kinship was important and was how they tracked their lines.

Most Caddo men were hunters and sometimes would go off to war. Caddo women were farmers, and would usually take care of the children, but both genders would tell stories, create art and music. Before, only Caddo men could take counsel, but later, women could too.

Where are the Caddo now?

The Caddo used to live in the piney woods area of Texas and the US, but they've spread out to more of East Texas, the southern part of Arkansas, western Louisiana, and southeastern Oklahoma.

Unique Fact/Characteristic

The Caddo People produced beautiful art including pottery, woodcarvings, and baskets, they also made unique houses made of clay, grass and hay.