MLK Assassination



Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist who played a very important role in the civil rights movement. he was assassinated April 4th in Memphis Tennessee. Not everyone was for Mr. King in ways they're was many people who disliked him. James Earl Ray was one of these people. His hatred for Mr. King led him to assassinate Him.

Media Perspective

The Medias perspective on this event was of course in kings Favor. However they're are a few that took any notice. But obliviously an event like this was blown up and talked about everywhere. Most stations talked about how wrong it was to shoot a man based on his beliefs and free rights too speak out. Some of the more racist stations briefly mentioned it and moved on showing no sympathy or and concern whatsoever.

Media Perspective

A lot of the more rural Media stations and newspapers announced the assassination of MLK being a good thing. A lot talked about him on a lower level just as a guy causing too much conflict for Him and His Fellow African americans. Many stated how selfish he was for wanting free rights for him and all Fellow Americans.

Media Perspective

A Biased Media

They're were initially two types of media and they're bias for or against MLK. All that liked what he was about constantly mentions how he changed the world and his death with cause him to be victorious. Along with blasting the racist whites that were against him. All that were against him talked about what good riddance he was. Also that was selfish for him and his people along with how he cause so much violence and conflict in the United States.

Historical Critisim

Throughout Histroy the African American race with always be linked to slavery. How old school white owners had them do their work for little to nothing and treated them harshly. as The world moves on throughout time The African Americans begin to realize they're rights do matter and they were going to do something about it. Throughout the Movement all these "racist" whites were reacting the way they have been for ages. Until many leaders changed their perspective on how they were truly treated.
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Cultural Critisim

Culturally many southerners were not agreeing with Mr. King. Seeing how they were the ones who wanted slavery and typically owned all the slaves to do their work. People from the south disagreed with King do to their "old fashioned" ways and stuck with what their parents/grandparents taught them. Many of the biggest events took place down south. Which is why they're was more violence due to the stubbornness from the people of the south.