Plot and Conflict of Shattered

By Gabrielle Mathew


  • Exposition- In the beginning of the book they introduce Hans, Sonya and other kids (the main characters). After that it describes the setting, on the dirty, murky, small ship that is headed to Palestine.
  • Rising Action- When the Jews are going to their freedom, suddenly the boat lurks... It is being attacked by a British ship, their enemy. Water starts coming into the boat.
  • Climax- Sonya the skeletal girl who never spoke, put on a life- jacket and gives one to each kid. The boat is sinking. They leap into the water.
  • Falling Action- Each person on the ship, including the captain, jumped into the icy cold water AND started to swim towards Palestine. The British ship leaves, not noticing them in the water, thinking they already died.
  • Resolution- When Hans and Sonya reach there they are comforted with the warmth of blankets and they are riding in the wagon when Sonya finally speaks.


The conflict is a combination of 2 types. First, he wrestling with the fact that he is leaving his parents behind. He feel wretched and is fighting with himself to not cry. Then he thinks Sonya as his family and vows to protect this pale, skinny girl. He is trying to get her to talk but she refuses. AT the end, she finally does saying"Oranges"? cause she smells it.