The Amazing Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is a very fascinating creature.

Many different colors.

Bearded dragons can be many different colors including, black, red, blue, black, purple, orange, and many others.

When did they start growing in popularity?

In 1990, the bearded dragon was brought to america and over the past 25 years, they have increased dramatically in popularity.

How long do they live?

Bearded dragons usually live to be about 5 to 14 years old.


Bearded dragons have been used for tattoos for many years in Australia before becoming popular in the United States.


Most people shorten bearded dragon to "beardy" for a shorter name for their lizard.

How much should they eat?

As a baby, you should feed them every day. Then, every other day you should put some vegetables in there with the crickets. As an adult, they should be fed three to five times a week. If you feed them more than five times a week ,they might get overweight.

Diet of a baby bearded dragon.

A young bearded dragon needs 80% meats and 20% vegetables. The meat should be young crickets and they should eat about 10 to 12 a day.

Bearded Dragons make great pets.

Bearded dragons are amazing pets if you treat them right. They will almost never get hostile towards the owner.
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Diet of an adult bearded dragon.

An adult bearded dragon should eat about 75% vegetables and 25% meat. They are not growing anymore so they don't need as much meat and a lot more vegetables. The meat should be mice or large crickets and you should feed them mice about once a week.

A very helpful video to see if your bearded dragon is happy.

How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy?

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The beard of a bearded dragon.

A bearded dragon's beard is made up of tiny spikes that look like thorns.