Nutrional Values

Averie Howard


  • Oatmeal is a good source of whole grains.
  • It gives great fiber.
  • Raw oats- comes from stilts in the ground
  • Steel cut oats- grout oats cut into little tiny pieces
  • Whole oat groat- whole kernels
  • Scottish oatmeal- stoned grinded oats instead of cut or chopped up
  • Rolled oat- steamed then rolled into flat flakes
  • Oat flour- whole grain flour but can be used for baking


  • Helps to lower cholesterol
  • Bean like substance
  • Rounded tannish nuts
  • Can be canned for saved freshness
  • Sold at any local grocery stores
  • help you prevent nutrient deficiencies
  • they provide essential vitamins and minerals


Dark Chocolate-

  • lowers everyday risk of heart disease by 1/3, made with more coco butter than any other type
  • contains anti-oxidants
  • 60% coco beans

Milk Chocolate-

  • smell increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation
  • not very rich in nutrition
  • milk chocolate has more sugar than any other type

White Chocolate

  • contains 20 percent cocoa fat, 14 percent milk solids and 3.5 percent milk fat
  • white color because cocoa butter is derived from the chocolate-making process
  • has emulsions

Semi-Sweet Chocolate-

  • saturated not all real ingredients
  • contains some foliate
  • most healthy choice of chocolate
  • vitimains B,C, and D