June Newsletter

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Happy Summer!

Congrats to the Class of 2022 and good luck as you transition to 7th grade and go to the MS JRHS! You did an excellent job at promotion, I am proud of you!

Parents and guardians, thank you for a wonderful year with your students. Check out the last week highlights below as well as some AWESOME programs offered by our Township Rec Department! At the bottom of the newsletter is information from our MSPD on an assembly the students saw on Monday talking about graffiti and social media.

It is a great day to be a Wildcat!

- Mr. Zagorski

More Pictures From Blue & Gold Day

More Pictures From Promotion

Thank You Officer Weiss & Officer Bennett!

Parents and Guardians,

The Maple Shade Police Department presented to the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades this week. The topics discussed are serious topics that have been presenting themselves as issues within our community. Officer Misty Weiss and Officer Robert Bennett discussed the seriousness of graffiti and the damage that has been done to our parks and playgrounds recently. The damages done in the last several months has cost the township thousands of dollars and many man hours to clean up and repair. Graffiti is a crime and students were advised that they will be charged criminally when caught. Students were also encouraged to reach out to law enforcement if they had information on who is causing the damages to our parks and playgrounds.

Officers Weiss and Bennett also spoke at length about internet and social media safety. While discussing this topic almost every student reported they have access to social media, however only approximately 30 students, out of several hundred, reported their parents checking their phones. We as a community have been witnessing an increase in cyber-harassment and sending inappropriate content (sexting) on social media. All students were advised that both are criminal activities. Students were instructed not to engage in such activities. They were advised to immediately report any knowledge of such activity to a trusted adult. Feel free to direct any questions to Officer Weiss or Officer Bennett at the Maple Shade Police Department and we encourage you to be active and vigilant about checking social media accounts and camera rolls.

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