the life of Walter Mitty


through the use of daydream, Walter Mitty is characterized as......

first, Walter Mitty is very depressed throughout the story.

Walter Mitty tends to black out alot and daydream, and is depressed because people make fun of him for it. people are always yelling at him and never listen to him and this makes him really depressed. Walter Mitty is under constant abuse and it makes him really depressed. Walter Mitty is depressed because the only things people every say about him are bad thing, they always make fun of him.
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second, Walter Mitty is weak, and he never stands up for himself

Walter Mitty is always made fun off, yelled at, and is always told what to do and never stands up for himself. Walter Mitty never stands up for himself and is just a push over. Walter Mitty needs to learn how to stand up for himself or he will be under constant abuse by his acquaintances.
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third, Walter Mitty is a loner, always lonely, he doesn't have any friends.

everybody make fun of Walter Mitty and are mean to him, and he has no friends. he is lonely all the time with no one to talk to or to hang with. Walter Mitty hasn't tried to make new friends, as the people he knows already just make fun of him, and hes afraid that that will happens if he tries to make new friends, they will just stab him strait in the back.
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This is how Walter Mitty is characterized through the use of his daydreams.