The Exoplanet: GJ 1214b

Also known as Water World


Diameter of planet: 2.7 x Earth

Average Distance from its Sun: 2 million (km)

Average Temperature: about 200c (392F)

Length of a Year(orbital period): 1.58 days

Number of Moons: Unknown

Number of Rings: Unknown

How old I would be if I lived on this planet: 588 years old

Distance from Earth: 42 light years

Length of a Day: 231.01 hours

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Interesting Facts That You Would Want to Know!

  • This planet is 7 times as massive than Earth.
  • It was first discovered in December of 2009.
  • "A friction of its mass is made up of water," says Zachory Berta of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge.
  • It is made up of more water and much less rocks than Earth.

Promblems We May Encounter

  • It's going to be extremely HOT!
  • The planet is mostly made up of water, so we might have so problems...
  • We are not to sure about the atmosphere, it may contain tons of clouds or water vapor(heavy molecules) so that might become an issue.
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Solutions to These Problems!!

  • We are going to bring a sufficient amount of ice and water.
  • I think it would be a good idea to bring inflatable boats to use until we find land.
  • Also was thinking about bringing plenty of flash light to seeing through the clouds of water vapor.