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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

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Week of May 23, 2016


Upcoming Events in May

May 23- SOL- Grade 4 Math part 1

May 24- SOL- Grade 4 Math Part 2

May 25- SOL-Grade 5 Reading Part 1

May 25- Digital Learning Twitter Chat 8 pm

May 26- SOL- Grade 5 Reading Part 2

May 30- Schools Closed Memorial Day

May 31- SOL -Grade 5 Math Part 1

June 1- SOL -Grade 5 Math Part 2

June 2- SOL- Grade 3 Reading Part 1

June 3- SOL- Grade 3 Reading Part 2


Thank you everyone for all the gifts and kind words during Educational Bosses Week. It is such an honor to work with the special people that make our school great!

Dave and Crystal

A BIG Thanks To...

Kudos to Sharon and Karen for putting so much time and effort into our SOL video. It looks AWESOME! Corie O

Kudos to Sharon Bulger for her tireless efforts to put together the SOL parody video. That took so much time and patience to merge all the parts together and make them match the music. THANKS, Sharon! You did an awesome job! Karen Kaas

Thank you to Diane Dykes for reaching out to the VBSPCA Compassion group, the Virginia Beach Master Gardeners group and Junior Achievement group this year for our 2


grade students. Each group provided wonderful learning opportunities for our students here at Tallwood. Erica, Mary and Nancy

Thank you to Vicki Storm and Michelle Klepk for always helping out with the student recognition ceremonies. Thank you to Tamika for her last minute flexibility with my oversight. And, thank you to all the teachers for their support of both Student of the Month and Terrific Timberwolf! Tammy Schubart

Awesome job to everyone involved in the planning and implementation of Pirate Day! My kids had so much fun!

Thank you to the Kindergarten team, especially Sandy and Erica for helping everything run so smoothly while I was out with Abby. I am so thankful to have you all!

Elizabeth Merce

This Week's PINS

Happy Birthday!

21 Liz Duffy

24- Deborah Sopher

26- Tamika Knox

This Week on Twitter

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Goat Makes Weirdest Noises

Four Motivational Life Lessons We Can All Learn from Children

Never stop exploring –

When you stop exploring, asking questions and having a general curiosity about the world, you have started to limit yourself and the type of opportunities than can be put in front of you. Kids have this uncanny ability to ask strings of questions in order to find out everything from “why does a bird fly ” to "where do babies come from?" This mentality of exploring and asking questions cannot only help you learn more, but it may open up new opportunities, passions or pathways that you never considered before.

They are not afraid to make mistakes –

If you look at a little kid trying something new for the first time, you will quickly see how fearless they are. They may try a hundred times to tie their shoe laces, and do a rather poor job at it, but they will keep doing it over and over again no matter how many times they fail. They may try to stand up fifty times in a row, without success, but it doesn’t mean they will stop. This is because kids are not as pressured by society as we are about failures. They don’t let one mishap bring them down. If we all took our failures in this way, many of us would be far more successful in our personal lives.

Be brave –

It always seems to amaze people how brave little kids can be. Whether they are ready to jump in the deep end without knowledge of how to swim or climb on the roof before they can really master walking, kids always seem to be getting into dangerous situations without fear. While this can give any parent a mild heart attack, there is an important lesson to be learned about bravery. You should not fear the unknown. Just because you don’t know how something will end up, you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Be brave when pursuing your goals, and if you aren’t, then just pretend to be so you can start moving forward.

They are not afraid to dream big – Dreaming big is the first step to doing something big. However, for many adults today they are afraid to dream too big because they are afraid of what other people will say or they are afraid of failure. Kids do not have this type of inhibition. Kids are never afraid to dream big. Think about the last time you asked a kid what they wanted to be when they grew up. Chances are you get answers like “a princess,” “an astronaut,” “the first woman president,” or “a baseball player.” They are some pretty big and lofty dreams to adults, but to kids they seem like reality. Don’t be afraid to make your dreams a little bigger, you never know if they are possible until you try.

– Erik Wilson Thanks ROFO ES