Adolf Eichmann in charge Holocaust

By Rumyana Osegard

Role Karl Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962) headed Gestapo Department IV B4 for Jewish Affairs,

Serving as a self proclaimed 'Jewish specialist' and was the man responsible for keeping the trains rolling from all over Europe to death camps during the Final Solution. Eichmann started out as a filing clerk cataloging information about Freemasons. With the Nazi takeover of Austria in March of 1938, Eichmann was sent to Vienna where he established a Central Office for Jewish Emigration.
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Adolf Eichmann was the son of a businessman and industrialist, Karl Adolf Eichmann. In 1914, his family moved to Linz, Austria, and during the First World War, Eichmann's father served in the Austro-Hungarian Army. At the war's conclusion, Eichmann's father returned to the family business in Linz. In 1920, Eichmann's family moved back to Germany. His education incomplete, he left school in 1921. There he completed his basic schooling and began training in mechanical engineering, without, however, ultimately finishing his studies. In the uncertain economic times of the 1920s, he drifted from job to job, as a day laborer, an office worker, and as a traveling salesman for Vacuum Oil Company.

Adolf Eichmann's fake passport discovered in court files

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Eichmann went on trial in Jerusalem for crimes against the Jewish people, crimes against humanity and war crimes. During the four months of the trial over 100 witnesses testified against him. Eichmann took the stand and used the defense that he was just obeying orders. "Why me," he asked. "Why not the local policemen, thousands of them? They would have been shot if they had refused to round up the Jews for the death camps. Why not hang them for not wanting to be shot? Why me? Everybody killed the Jews."