Ready, Set, Grow!

By: Izzy A.


•Which soil does the Sweet

Basil grow best in?


•My hypothesis is that this plant will grow best in potted soil with miracle gro. Also called enriched soil. I think that sandy soil will grow the least.


•1 TBSP measuring cup
•3 pots
•18 Basil seeds
•Potted soil
•Sandy soil
•Clay soil
•A package of Miracle Gro


•1st fill the durable pot with potted soil.(potted soil)

•2nd fill the (2nd) durable pot with dug up soil from the ground.(clay soil)

•3rd fill the (last) durable pot with potted soil then mix in sand.(sandy soil)

•Before putting in seeds water the plants.(with a 1 TBSP measuring cup)

•Dig up some soil in a mini hole then slide in (6) seeds.

•Lastly put miracle gro sticks in each pot depending on how big the pot is.

•Then monitor the (Basil) plants day after day until all the plants have fully grown.

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Sweet Basil, photosynthesis, sunlight, potted soil, sweet basil growth, germination.


Sweet Basil is a type of herb, most young plants reach 6 to 8 inches, basil can be bothered by aphids or slugs, Sweet Basil grows best in 80-90 degrees. Photosynthesis keeps sweet basil alive because sweet basil is a plant and it is powered by the sun, in all the sweet basil is a very common plant, and it grows up to 18 inches, plants should at least 10 inches far away from each other. The first few steps of a plant growing is called germination.

Results (Days 1 - 3)

•Day 1: All the plants have just started their journey and are all at no sprouts.

•Day 2: Same as day 1 except the sandy soil isn’t draining.

•Day 3: Same as day 2 no sprout expected until day 5.

Results (Days 4 - 6)

Day 4: Same as day 3 except sandy soil is partly eroded.

Day 5: Same as day 4, no plants expected but if no sprouts until day 10 or might be dead.
Day 6: Same as day 5 except one little sprout in clay soil and in potted soil.

Results (Days 7 - 9)

Day 7: One sprout in potted soil and in clay soil and is very short.

Day 8: Another sprout in clay soil and potted soil but one is a little taller than last time.

Day 9: 3 sprouts in potted soil and 2 sprouts in clay. The clay plants are taller though.

Results (10 - 12)

Day 10: 3 sprouts in potted soil and 2 in clay soil, sandy soil is thought dead.

Day 11: The same as day 10 except another sprout in potted soil.

Day 12: There is one late sprout in sandy soil! All the others are fine.

Results (13 - 16)

Day 13: 3 sprouts in potted soil because the tallest one died.

Day 14: Another sprout in potted soil, still the same number in the other plants.

Day 15: 4 plants in potted soil, 2 plants in clay soil, and 1 in sandy soil.

Results ( Days 17 - 19)

Day 17: Two more sprouts in clay soil and one more sprout in potted soil.

Day 18: Two more sprouts in clay. Sandy soil and potted soil still have the same amount and are alive.

Day 19: One more sprout in clay and in potted, and sandy soil is still hanging in with one sprout.

Results ( Days 20 - 22 )

Day 20: One sprout dead in clay soil,the tallest one. All the others are fine

Day 21: Another dead sprout in clay soil. None dead in potted soil and sandy soil hanging in with one sprout.

Day 22: No dead sprout today, no new ones either.


In all my hypothesis was correct. Even though the plants could not fully grow because of the pot, the potted soil had the strongest plants and had grown the most. I believe that the sandy soil grew the least because the sand absorbed most of the water. And I believe the potted soil grew the most because it was rich and had the most nutrients for the plant.