The Athenian Times

Nina Brockelman

We Win The Battle of Marathon Without Spartans

Led by our trusted General, Militiades, we met the Persians in the town called Marathon when the Spartans refused to help fight. We were outnumbered by the Persians, but we still won. In an interview with one of our soldiers, he told us, "The battle was hard, we fought for a long time, but in the end, it all payed off." They lost about 6,400 men in the battle, but we only lost about 192. The lightly armed Persian soldiers were nothing compared to our highly trained, well disciplined Greek forces. Militiades was a great leader and his great battle tactics led us to victory over the Persians.

Phidippides DIes After Spartans Say No

The great runner Phidippides runs 140 miles to Sparta to ask for help. When Sparta says they could only do it in nine days, when their religious festival ends, our military leader, Militiades says that this is too long and we must advance into battle immediately. After we won, Militiades told Phidippides to run back to Athens and tell the good news. When he reached Athens, All he could say was, "Rejoice! We won." and then fell to the ground, dead.

In This Issue

Main Stories

*Battle of Marathon

*Phidippides Dies


*New laws passed in Athens

*Interview with Spartan soldiers

*The Persian's view on things