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Litter is a problem. If we want a clean and healthy environment we need to put our rubbish in the bin. Animal are dying every day because of our action. The most common piece of rubbish is the plastic bag. Plastic bags are the most dangerous piece of rubbish because it is non-biodegradable which means it takes 1000 years to break down.

6H surveyed 148 people in the school and our survey shows that more girls litter and most people litter 1-2 times a week. The may reason why people litter is “I’m too busy playing “no bins nearby “I can’t be bothered “

We are role models to pre-school they will learn from us and copy us and likely make a habit of littering. When an animal swallow’s a plastic bag it gets stuck in its digestive system and the animal dies of chocking, starvation and strangulation.

Pete the pelican swallowed 17 plastic bags and sadly died of starvation. Another depressing story is about a bride’s whale in Canis. The bride’s whale swallowed 6m2 of plastic bags and sadly died of starvation. Another bitter sweet story is about a platypus that saved its own life. The platypus had a plastic ring around its neck so the platypus approached a human which saved its own life.

There is an abundance amount of rubbish in the great garbage patch. The great garbage patch is twice the size of Texes. If you throw rubbish into the ocean it would most end up there

It takes 1000 for plastic to break and down more girls litter then boys and most people litter 1-2 times a weeks. We are role models to pre-school and they will copy us and make a habit. When animals swallow plastic bags they might die chocking starvation and strangulation. The pelican die of starvation from swallowing 17 plastic bags. A whale died of swallowing 6m2 plastic bags and starvation. A platypus saved its own life by approaching a human. If you litter animals will die put your rubbish in the bin!!!