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Urban land use

Toronto is a very busy place with a lot of traffic. Downtown Toronto is a place that provides the customers any kind of product they are willing to buy, as it contains high, medium, and low order goods. Places there are really near from each other which encourages people to get a walk or take a bike. Also, in downtown Toronto they are tending to build condos and decrease the number of low residential land-use. You can figure out these things in the pictures provided.

3 Examples of Sustainability

Urban vs Suburb

In an urban city people usually walk or ride a bike, also the places are near to each other. They are focusing on building condos as well, it has a high density population, and it has a lot of traffic.

Unlike the suburb where people are depending on the car as places are far from each other. They are building mostly townhouses and houses, it's not a very high populated area, and it doesn't have a lot of traffic as well.

Smart Sustainable Cities