Cycling is about ... LOVE

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“Ride for love, love to ride. SLO’O makes you love your bicycle more.” Coming from the word SLOW in English, SLO’O encourages people riding bicycle in the urban area, cycling for traveling, and commuting with bicycles. SLO’O creates a unique style which can make you comfortable both on and off the bikes, and give you the freedom of riding bicycles wherever and whenever.

“Fashion + Performance” are the two core values of SLO’O design. SLO’O selects the best functional fabrics such as sun block, cooling, heating, wicking materials and breathable wind and rain blocking fibers. SLO’O’s “3D CUTTING TECHNOLOGY” allows knees and elbows with extra spaces for stretching and extending in cycling movement. Moreover, 3D CUTTING TECHNOLOGY can make your figures looking slimmer and sturdier.

You can say that SLO’O is a design which you feel comfortable and also look stylish when cycling and also asks you ride more and makes your bicycle life more enjoyable.

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