Fiji Islands

By:Bella Cantara

Interesting Facts about Fiji Islands

My dream place is Fiji Islands.

Fiji is located by the Pacific Ocean.

I would like to vist this place because i love to swim and love to see new places. I would also like to see there underwater hotles.

My place is so great because it has beautiful waters and have l lots of exzotic creatures.

10 interesting facts about Fiji

1. Fiji is located right on the International Date Line. In Taveuni, there is a spot where you can stand with one foot in the current date and your other foot in the previous date.

2. Fiji has thousands of islands but only 322 are big enough for people to live on.

3. Fiji was a British colony for 96 years until it gained its independence in 1970.

4. There is an avergae of 70 inches of rainfall each year.

5.The average tempeture range is 68 to 90 degrees.

6.Total area of Fiji is 7,045 square miles, with 702 miles of coastline.

7. The tagimaucia, a beautiful red-and-white flowering plant that resembles the hibiscus, blooms in only one place in the world the Tagimaucia River

8. The Fiji water that you drink is really from Fiji.

9.842,000 people live on the Fiji Islands.

10. There laguges are English, Fijian and Hindustani


The amount of time it will take me is 26 hours and 9 minutes.

It is 6.409 miles away from Fiji

The people i will take with me is my mom, dad, and my sister. It is going to be a blast.

My transportation will be a airplane because that is the easiest and fastest way it get there.

I will stay there from July 4 to July 18 for 2 weeks.


The place I will be staying is Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island it is such a beautiful place to stay.There is a lot of things we are going to do in Fiji. We are going to take a walk in Lavena Coastal Walk. We will go Zip lining through Fiji,go to a mud bath ,see beautiful waterfalls. Go to the beach and go on a ferry.

The f I will need to pack is clothes,swimsuit,toothbrush,toothpaste, hairbrush,shoes and socks.

The cost of my trip

The cost for 5 people on the plane will be 7,735

how much for the hotel

My spending money will be 9000 because we are going to do lots of different stuff.

We will go to different restaurants because we want to try new foods.

The cost for my food will be 1000 because we are staying there for 2 weeks.

the cost for gas in Fiji is $60 so i will spend about 1000 dollars in gas.


We will go zip lining,swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling,a bunch of swimming and see beautiful waterfall. There is lots of different caves,jungles and learn different dances.

The have caves, jungles and beautiful waterfalls.