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Monday, October 19, 2015



WIDA rollout during PLTs. There will be 3 sessions this school year.

Session 1: Intro to ESL Program & WIDA (Must do with all staff)

Faculty Meeting PD: Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5th Grade Data PM with 3rd and 4th Grade Math Follow-up on vertical CFA's-Padlet

Room 304

2nd Grade Data PMwith Kindergarten and 1st Grade MathFollow-up on vertical CFA's-Padlet

Room 121

7 Math Data PM with 6th and 8th Grade Math Follow-up on vertical CFA's-Padlet

Room 308

Daniels: Whole Brain/HOD & other teaching strategies; Related Arts and non math teachersCFU - Padlet

Room 320 (Art Room)

Rigorous Learning Environment

Rigorous Learning Environment is

where students are:

*Expected to learn at high levels. (I can learn at high levels!)

*Supported so learning is at high levels. (I will be supported by my teachers so I can learn at high levels!)

*Demonstrating the learning at high levels. (I can demonstrate, for my peers and teacher, my high levels of learning!)

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Week Two of our R.I.S.E. with P.R.I.D.E Focus: Rigorous Learning

Continue building student understanding of Rigor and how teachers will be increasing our expectations of learning for all students, providing the necessary support for all students, and expecting students to be able to demonstrate their learning at high levels.

Use the Cognitive Rigor Matrix to guide your continuous work on lesson plans, CFU's and CFA's.

Schedule PLC time (3-8) to focus on Rigor and to evaluate and use appropriate Acuity and past ISTEP+ questions to provide students with multiple opportunities to raise their level of performance.