Vineyard Vine

April 11-15, 2016

Info This Week:



STUDENTS: 92.5% homework 97.4% attendance; STAFF 96.0% attendance

Students receive 5 minutes extra recess!

CIC delegates- please remember to turn in your team's revisions to the campus plan. Due Wednesday after the faculty meeting.

If you have a 30 minute task you may need a Watch Dog's help with, please let Tim know so he can put it on their daily schedule. A form will be developed for you to request a date and Tim will see if it's possible to make it happen.

SOOOO many great events this past week with ALOT of synergy going on!! Dual Language parent meetings, 2nd grade PTA performance, Fairy Tale Bowl, Cardboard Kids, Kindergarten Roundup, PTA Festival! Thank you to everyone that volunteered and helped make us shine!!

This Week's Calendar....

April 11-15, 2016

Monday, April 11: 4th Field Trip to Mill Springs Cabin @ Bradley MS

ARDs: 8:20 Gibbons-Contreras-Dawson; 12:10 Gibbons-Contreras; 1:00 Lucio-VanCleave-Armstrong

9:30- School Tour: Rafajko

10:15-11 & 1:15-2: 2nd Grade Recycling Presentations- Library

2:30-4:00 4th Grade Robotics

2:45-3:30 Campus Behavior Comm- Office Conference Rm

Tuesday, April 12: 3rd G/T-Encino Park; Superintendent's Luncheon: Lauren Barthol- 5th

9:30- PTA Executive Board- D100

12:30-4 Campus Behavior Comm- CLC 217 VanCleave, Rafajko, Hayes, Rodriguez, Gonzalez

1-4pm: Speech Meeting- Gibbons @ RAMEC 619

RTI: 1:00- 5th; 2:40- Ramos; 3:00- Gonzales; 3:20- Gonzales; 3:40- Guzman

3:30-5:30 Early Childhood Connections Meeting- VR Library

3:30-5:30 Kinder Math Unit Training- Dawson @ RAMEC 313

3:45-4:45 Rock the Lab Training- Thiel & Wynn @ Bulverde Creek

Wednesday, April 13: 3rd to Institute of Texan Cultures

8:30-9:30 Admin Meeting- VanCleave & Jensen

11-12:30 Admin Team Meeting- Office Conf Room

1-2 ARD: 5th- Lucio, Armstrong, Gibbons, Stampley, VanCleave

2:00 Student Lighthouse Team Meeting K-5 in Office Conference Room

2:50-4 Faculty Meeting: Campus Plan & 16-17 Brainstorming

7:00 Evening with Strings- BAC

Thursday, April 14: Lifetouch Spring PrePAID Picture Day- D100

7:30-8:10 Student Lighthouse Greeters

8-10 Principal Cluster Meeting- Atrium Conference Room

3:45-4:45 See Saw App Training- Wynn & Thiel @ Bulverde Creek

Friday, April 15: Happy Bday Lanie!! 3 Week Progress Reports- Failing

7:05-7:25 GLC Meeting- Office Conf Room

7:45-8:15 Kindergarten G/T Parent Orientation- Balbert's Room

9:30-10:30 Dual Language Parent Info Meeting- Cunningham's Room

10-12 504 Meeting @ Johnson HS- Mendez