"A Child Called It"

One Child's Courage to Survive

Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer was born on December 29, 1960 in San Francisco, California. He was raised by his parents, Catherine Christen and Stephen Pelzer, in Daly City. Among five siblings, he was the second-born. At a young age Pelzer was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by his mother, who had a drinking problem and suffered from a mental illness. At the age of 12, his teacher decided to do something about Pelzer's condition: the way he came dressed to school, his odor, the many bruises on his body, and how much he ate at school. As a result, he had been set free from his mother's thrashes and was taken to foster care. Pelzer joined the U.S Air Force at age 18, after being placed from foster home to foster home. A couple years later, he got married and had a son. While in the military, Pelzer cleaned up his act and changed his lifestyle; he had begun writing to ease the pain he had been feeling for so many years. He published a number one bestseller novel by the name of "A Child Called It" in 1995. The nation describes him as being one of the most effective and respected authors in there, He has and continually being honored for his many accomplishments.

Book Review

This novel is based on a true story of the author, Dave Pelzer. David had a hard life. As a child, he suffered from child abuse and neglect from his mother. He struggled with fighting her everyday; coming up with strategies to prevent the pain from her thrashing hits. The bad part about it was his dad knew about it. He tried to help but he soon got tired of it and decided to leave the family altogether. This meant that David had to continue fighting his scornful mother alone, with no help or protection. The school been noticed his poor hygiene and hunger habits and tried to ask him was everything okay at home. One day when Dave came into school, one of his teachers noticed a really bad bruise and decided to do something about it. This was the start of his freedom.

Text-To-Self Connection

This book reminds me of my little cousins who I've met 3 years ago. Their parents were both on drugs, the mother especially. They have been picked up from school by DSS and placed from home to home so many times because their parents failed to provide from them. My godmother fought to take those two little girls in. She finally got them in 2012. Now they're eating good, being clothed and bathed properly, and most importantly don't have to worry about being neglected anymore.


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Ebony Gilliard

May 1, 2015

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