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Events for the Week of April 11th-April 15th

Formative Assessment Techniques

At our GLC meeting this week we discussed possible professional development topics and instructional tips that would be helpful to provide to staff. Formative assessment techniques was an idea mentioned on the staff survey I sent out in July as a topic that staff is always interested in learning more about. I will plan to use this section of our weekly staff update to list 2-3 instructional strategies each week. I am sure that you are already familiar with some of these, but hopefully this can serve as refresher or a way to spark new ideas to use with our students. Please share any great tips you have so I can include them! Thanks!

Formative Assessment Strategies for:

There are so many amazing and free tech resources that allow us to consistently formatively assess our students throughout the natural flow of the lesson in order to make real time adjustments. Below are 3 more that I have had experience with and recommend or have just found and am anxious to share their potential with all of you! Please give them a try and let me know how they go! (resources this week found at: https://www.nwea.org/blog/2015/growing-list-50-digital-education-tools-apps-formative-assessment-success/

If you use any of these strategies, please share with me how it went! Student work samples are also welcomed! Thank you for your commitment to professional growth!

Dates to Remember

Monday, April 11: Pizza Lunch with Bucket Fillers

Monday, April 11th: BOE Meeting @ 6pm

Wednesday, April 13th: Jamie @ Admin mtg 8am-11am

Friday, April 15th: Jamie @ Roster Verification webinar 9:45am-11:15am

Friday, April 15th: Fire Drill @ 2:00pm

Friday, April 15th: Final STAR SGP and SLO data due to Jamie at end of day

Monday, April 18th: Jamie @ OAESA zone mtg @ 2pm

Tuesday, April 19th: Special Education Mtg w/ Jen KT @ 8am ( Emily's classroom)

Tuesday, April 19th: Grade 4 AIR ELA testing begins 9am

Wednesday, April 20th: Grade 3 AIR ELA testing begins 9am

Thursday, April 21st: Grade 4 AIR ELA test 9am

Friday, April 22nd: Grade 3 AIR ELA test 9am

Friday, April 22nd: WPA Family Movie Night in Maumee 6pm

Thursday, April 28th: Safe Schools Drill

General Information

*Please remember to use the Google Calendar Room to reserve the conference room for meetings. See Lori if you have questions. Thanks!!

*Our next Safe Schools Drill has been pushed back to Thursday, April 28th, due to the unexpected weather! You will get a reminder about this beforehand!

*The Shadow Day for the 8th graders is the same day as our building-wide Spring Spectacular. Please do not commit to allowing 8th graders to come over and shadow on such a busy day without first speaking with me about it. We want to make sure that the experience being provided is a realistic look at our profession.

*Our supply of white paper is quickly dwindling! Please do not make copies for next school year. Let's conserve what we have and make it to the end of the school year first with what we have.

*Save the date........Monday, June 6th!

CREATE! 2016 Conference at Anthony Wayne High School

CREATE! was conceived to provide educators with an opportunity to explore and discover real-world,
standards-based lessons that incorporate creativity, technology and 21st century skills.
Lessons containing these characteristics result in engaging, inspiring, student-centered learning.
Let our presenters show you how they are leading the evolution of teaching and learning
in order to more effectively prepare our students for the 21st century and beyond.

We will let you know when the "Call for Presenters" opens and when registration opens.

Claire's Day Nominations

C.A.R.E. Award Nominations 2016

Claire’s Awards for Reading Excellence (C.A.R.E. Awards) were established in 2002 by the Claire’s Day, Inc. committee and its founders, Brad and Julie Rubini, in honor of their daughter, Claire Lynsey Rubini. Claire was an avid reader when she died of a misdiagnosed heart condition in July 2000. She was just 10 years old.

The C.A.R.E. Awards recognize students who demonstrate marked improvement in their reading skills over the course of a school year. The awards are given to students at one of several ceremonies at the annual Claire’s Day family book festival which will be held at the Maumee branch library on Saturday, May 21, 2016.

Schools may nominate one child from each class per grade level for grades K-8. To coordinate the nominations, the principal designates one building representative to serve as the school liaison to Claire’s Day, Inc. This liaison and the principal will announce the C.A.R.E. program to teachers and reading specialists, who submit their nominations to the school liaison. This process reduces duplicate nominations from each school.

Nominations are accepted at www.clairesday.org between 3/14/16 and 4/15/16. Most nominators report that they spend only 15 minutes completing the form. We will accept the first 800 nominations.

Two weeks prior to the family book festival, schools will receive a notice regarding the award recipients and the scheduled time for their students’ awards ceremony. Each school liaison is responsible for notifying the parents, students, school officials, and the teachers of the presentation time.

To make this a meaningful experience for the students, the C.A.R.E. certificates are presented in front of the audience of family and friends by Brad Rubini and a school representative. School officials, including board members and principals, are strongly encouraged to attend the ceremony.

Every child who receives a C.A.R.E. award also receives a certificate to select one free book written and/or illustrated by a participating Claire’s Day author or illustrator. This certificate must be used at the Claire’s Day family book festival.

Questions regarding the C.A.R.E. Award may be directed to

Diana Bush, Claire’s Day Chair, at 419-242-7323 or contact@clairesday.org



STAR and SLO Data

Please remember to include in your plans that we administer spring benchmarking the week of April 4th-22nd. Your final SGP and/or SLO in Math/Reading/Fine Arts needs to be turned into me by Friday, April 15th.


Sumdog's first Lucas County math contest will start Friday April 8, 2016 and will run until the following Thursday.

It's free to take part and there are prizes to be won!

Students can play online either at school or at home using the website or the app.

In order to join in the fun, teachers can enter their class here:http://www.sumdog.com/enter_contest

For any questions, contact info@sumdog.com

Updated OTES timeline

Formal OTES timeline:

First observation completed by 1/15/16

Second Observation completed by 3/25/16

SLO Scoring Template due to Jamie by 4/15/16

Final STAR testing for SGM due to Jamie by 4/15/16

Entire process completed by 5/1/16 (written report provided to teacher with results of evaluation)

Informal OTES timeline:

Staff only needing: Professional Growth Plan, Observation, and Meeting:

Observation and meeting completed by 2/26/16



Here is the timeline for SLOs this year...

11/9: SLOs Due to Building Principal: COMPLETED!

11/10: Elementary Committee Meets to Review SLOs: COMPLETED!

11/13: SLOs returned to teachers:COMPLETED!

11/18: SLO's needing revisions returned to Building Principal-COMPLETED!

11/20: Revised SLOs reviewed by committees-COMPLETED!

11/21: Revised SLOs returned to teachers-COMPLETED!

04/15/16: Final SLO growth template/results due to Jamie by end of day

AIR Testing:

Below are three links related to testing. The first is simply the log in for AIR. You may want to bookmark that as we will be using that frequently in the months to come.

The second is a link to the PDF of the test administrator user guide.

The third is an actual test administrator certification course. It is pretty good. AIR works basically the same as it did last year with some minor modifications.

Log In URL:

Test Administrator User Guide:
User Guide

Test Administration Certification Course:
Certification Course