What is it?

Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or other bodies of water.

About it

A Marine Biologist earns an average salary of $51,975 per year. To become a marine biologist you have to require at least a bachelor's degree in biology. A master's degree can equip you to attain higher paying teaching or research jobs. A marine biology Ph.D. is needed for most marine biology careers in independent research and college level teaching

What do they do on a regular basis?

Many people believe that marine biologists play with whales and dolphins all day, but while some marine biologists study these species, that's not all they do. To start a career in this field you need to love being outdoors and with animals. Over 1.5 million unique marine species have been discovered by marine biologist and many more get discovered every day.


The Earth is mostly covered in water over 70% of it is and there is so much to be discovered so being a marine biologist is a very discovering and rewarding. We have only discovered 5% of the Earths ocean.Marine life is very beneficial to mankind, providing food, medicines, transportation, tourism, as well as recreational benefits.

Types of Marine life.

Seahorses are a type of fish, and get their name to their horse like appearance. Seahorses are exceptionally slow swimmers, and they need to eat constantly due to the absence of a stomach. They are the only living species where the males give birth to baby seahorses.Sea sponges are actually animals not corals or plants like many people thought i'd be. They are one of the oldest surviving organisms on Earth, and can reach a lifespan of more than 200 years. Sea sponges let water pass through them, and absorb oxygen and foodstuff from the passing water. They are popularly call the "sea vacuum's." The Blue Whale is the largest known animal on earth, they are typically more than 100 feet in length, and weighing more than 150 tons. The heart of a Blue Whale is as big as a smal car, and one of its blood vessels is large enough to enable a man to crawl through it!