The Religion of the Babylonians

The babylonians

Babylonia was an ancient Akkadian-speaking Semitic state and cultural region based in central-southern Mesopotamia. A small Amorite-ruled state from 1894 BC, which at this time the minor city of Babylon.

The temples.

The Babylonians had built temples in which they called ziggurats they built these temples to worship their God's. The city of Babylon had an beautiful temple dedicated to Marduk.. The people also called him "Bel" which means "lord." In fact this is the lord of the God's because of the fact that he killed his great x4 grandma. The babylonians had many God's making them a polytheistic society.
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The babylonians first monotheism religion.


  1. Babylonian Judaism adheres to the basic tenets of the Jewish faith: belief in one creator God; belief that Israel is God's chosen people from whom the Messiah, or anointed one of God, will come to unite the Jewish people in the land of Israel; and the authority of the Torah.

List of their Gods

  • An or Anu - the God of Heaven
  • Enlil - The God of the air and storms. He normally was portrayed in human form, but also appears as a snake to the human eye
  • Enki - The God of water and the fertile earth
  • Ki - The Mother-Goddess representing the earth
  • Ashur - Main God of Assyria (sky God)
  • Ninlil or Nillina - The Goddess of air (possibly the south wind) and wife of Enlil
  • Inanna - The Goddess of love and war
  • Ea - The God of Wisdom
  • Marduk - Originally Ea’s son and God of light. He was the main God of Babylon and the sender of the Babylonian king
  • Nanna - The God of the moon
  • Utu or Shamash - The God of the sun, as well as God of justice
  • Ninurta - a solar deity

Babylonian God's Family Tree

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