kid lawyer

Written by John Grisham

Published by Penguin Group

ISBN: 9780525423843

Genre: Fiction


Kid lawyer is a book about a thirteen year old boy Theodore Boone who is the most intelligent in the town of Strattenburg. He knows everyone and anyone that is envolved with the law.

Growing up in the Boone family Theo has grown up to enjoy learning about laws. Theo even loves to watch trials during court. Theo plans to be the best Judge in the future. Theo Boone might get his chance of the start of his career becuase of a sudden death of Ms.Duffy murdered by her husband Mr.Duffy. Theo knows of a person that knows what happened the night of Ms.Duffys death but the person is scared to testify.To get the truth Theo has to find a way to get him in court.

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  • If you are interested in reading this book to get further information you should check out amazon on this website you can also checkout more of Grishams novels.
  • This novel is basically based on laws. This article is like a thriller of suspenses
  • John Grisham had started his series of books for middle grade children in 2010.
  • All of John Grishams books have to deal with laws in them, in his series of books hey have a main character named Theodore Boone.
  • This the first book that started Grishams series of books for middle grade children.

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