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The weather outside is frightful.....

I love sitting in front of my fireplace! It has such a calming affect on my kids and our dog, Rover. Sooo if you are wanting some white noise for your classroom with a soothing video of a crackling fire, check out the video below. It is 3 hours long! I spotted 1 teacher before the break showing a similar video and her class was very quiet........I'm just saying.


Literacy, Libraries and Local Events.......Oh My!

Have you ever been to Edcamp before? Edcamp is one of my very favorite ways to learn the latest and greatest in education. What is Edcamp? It is considered an "unconference" because the style of this event is very informal. Participants show up to the venue and the brave ones volunteer to share some new skill, strategy, or tool that they are using. If you go to a session and it is not for you, you can just get up and walk out - no one takes it personally. Centennial High School, in Burleson, will host EdcampGoo on January 23rd. This is an Edcamp with a "Google twist". This camp will primarily center around Google Apps for Education. Road trip - who's with me???? #edcampGoo Click here for all the deets!

Dallas Children's Theater presents A Year With Frog and Toad. January 29 - February 28. The website describes the show as, "The TONY-nominated Broadway hit with its jazzy score hops to DCT just in time for spring. This whimsical musical follows two unlikely best friends from hibernation to planting, to swimming, to sledding with plenty of fun and lots to learn along the way. Join Frog and Toad as they celebrate the differences that make them special." Click here for all the deets.

The Little Elm Public Library hosts a Family Story Time on Sundays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm. It is for all ages and a free event.

Another free family event is at the Dallas Galleria. Every Saturday at 11:30, families can enjoy a live performance by professional circus clowns, Slappy and Monday. The shows are located near the Children's Play Place and Nordstrom on Level 3.

Wanting to get your Picasso on? The Kimbell Art Museum offers a free drop-in art studio lesson for kids 12 and under with an adult companion. More information here.

On January 30, join the Harlem Globetrotters on their 90th Anniversary World Tour at the American Airlines Center. It's pricey though, the tickets cost $29. If your budget can afford it, this is a great time for families and people of all ages! Check it out here.

Winter Writing Project

In celebration of the winter season and to provide an authentic audience for our littlest writers, the Winter Around the World Project was created to provide a platform for students. Check out the Google Slides here to view stories, poems and songs written by students around the world for inspiration before a writing lesson with your students.

Kasey Bell, my fav presenter at Edcamps and TCEA, has also created a Virtual Magnetic Poetry Google Slide for Winter, for students, to create their own poetry by using words that are provided. Possible writing station???? Find it here.

Ga-Ga for Google Classroom

For those of you who have set up Google Classroom and even for those of you who haven't, Tonia McMillan shared a list of 46 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom that you'll want to read. Click here to read all 46!

****Warning: Cool Google Tip - Have you ever wanted to share a Google doc with someone and force them to make a copy before using\editing it? Well I did too (thanks Veronica for helping me to figure it out)! First, you have to go up to the address bar and change the last word "edit" to copy and then make sure you have clicked on the "Anyone with a link may edit" button and share the link to this doc in an email with your buddy. Clear as mud? If you need help just ask me or Veronica for a demonstration.

Love Thyself

I love this article by Alex Shevrin on 7 Self-Care Strategies For Teachers. It contains good, practical tips for educators to take care of themselves. It's a nice little reminder for the new year about the importance of taking care of oneself. Read it here.

Snowflakes - Star Wars Style

In a galaxy far, far away (your classroom), when there is a disturbance in the force, i.e., that student who has finished all his/her work and they have re-tiled the roof and waxed the floors, then consider having them make a Star Wars inspired snowflake. It requires a bit of skill and a lot of patience but the designs are really cool and sure to impress. Click the link below to download the designs.


Money, money, money....

This website is described by ZoomZoomClassroom as "developed by the U.S. government and our tax dollars are well spent here"! If your class is learning about money, this site might be a good station in your classroom.

Read, Relax, Research.....

I LOVE that teachers drop by here and there with\without their laptops to work, print out materials &/or relax in our comfy chairs. I love that students come in small groups to collaborate and research or work on projects. And I love to see students come in on passes to exchange a book and use the library stations. *Please let me know if I can ever collaborate or teach a research, poetry, or "nonfiction text features" lesson, etc. for you. And, if you ever need a read aloud to introduce a theme or support a lesson - I'm your girl!

Information about Mrs. Fisanick

Mrs. Fisanick is the School Library Media Specialist at Peters Colony Elementary. Remember that you can go anywhere or learn about anything with a good book!