Andrew Jackson

Hero or Villain?

Promoting Democracy

Andrew Jackson promoted Democracy by getting more land for farmers. Jackson also demolished the national bank because he said it benifitted the upper class, which I personally agree on that. Andrew Jackson also had civil servents which switched with other people every few years to give other people a chance.

Demoting Democracy

Do you want to know HOW Jackson got the land for farmers? By kicking the Indians off thier land, of course! Yes, the Indian Removal Act forced Indians to leave their territories for farmers. Jackson's inauguration also demoted Democracy. Jackson's anauguration was supposed to be quaint and deliteful, but almost turned into a mob after 10,000 people roamed around the White House

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The Trail of Tears

Nearly 4,000 Native American died on the expedition to the Oklahoma Territory

My Opinion?

I am neutral on Jackson's behalf. Yes, he got land for farmers, but forced the Indians to leave in the process. To put more space in, here is an unrelated picture