Your Library Popping Up:

Adding 'R'eading to STEAM and STREAM to Outreach

Presented by the Houston Public Library

"HPL's Pop Up Library program addresses reading retention loss by including STREAM activities through an aggressive outreach effort that brings bilingual books, crafts, iPad activities, and resources to customers where they live, work and play".

Pop Up Library program made possible by a grant and partnerships (HEB, Children's Museum)

Materials Provided:

  • Free family fun storytimes
  • Free books, crafts, activities and passes to the Children's Museum
  • Pop Up Library includes a transportable tent with technology, library materials, and resources.

Includes a structured storytime, an extension activity, and an ipd activity using simple tools to teach.

Ideal for daycares, schools, after school programs, parks...any location with young children.

Pop Up Purpose:

  • Increase awareness
  • link people to the greater world
  • increase library visibility
  • make others aware of what the library is about/has to offer

HInts for Implementing:

  • gather donations
  • share information and share resources (businesses, lawfirms, dentist's office)
  • think outside of the box/outside your comfort zone
  • Plan, plan, plan
  • make activities light and transportable
  • offer incentives/partner with summer reading programs
  • each event supplied a Bilingual/ESL take home STREAM activity
  • others were FLIP kits (Family Literacy Involvement Program kits) - prepackaged activities + kit + book - were refillable for multiple activities

Libraries are SO much BIGGER than our buildings!!!

Questions about Implementation?

Contact Mary Wagoner

MyTesha Tates