Mammoth Extinction

Ian Wiillams

(Breaking New) Mammoths found

At an archaeological dig site their was found a family of of Mammoths surrounding their baby's. This is a very common defensive stance used to protect their baby's for harm. This is the first fossil ever left in its place that was in a defensive. On the site they found 27 Mammoths. The fist fossil found there was by 2 teenage boy, at fist people were concerned but they did the right thing and gave it to the museum.

During the dig they found a Camel with the Mammoth and the reason for this is because Mammoths have horrible eye sight so Camels help by being their eyes. These discovery made the museum famous for finding so many Mammoths that were left in their places. The dig site took multiple years to martian because the didn't have any building so the bones were getting washed away. These are the first of its time and there is more to come.

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Impact on the Ecosystem

Mammoths are huge animals but, how big of an impact did the Mammoth have on the environment. It turns out they did have a massive impact. In fact they heated the climate when they died off. When the humans killed them of the climate changed over time.

While they were alive they keep the the northern lands well trimmed. This animals had such a big impact on the world that when they died the climate rose. all the grass land was taken over by trees. With the mammoth not there to step on the trees they keep expanding.

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Religious Reactions

Some religious groups don't believe that some things ever lived. They would dine what was said and try to over look it. Other would force others to believe that the information was not true. There are very mixed emotion on which religions would react different ways.

Some would pick at it until they got down to the bottom of it. Lots of other religions would just stick to what they have learned from their religion. It is very hard to believe in something that is not in your religion. So there is no telling what each religion would do.

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Archaeological Dig Site

April 20, 2008 was where this dig was started in Bekonscot, England. This dig was completed in a village. My scale model is showing for every one square on the graph is equal to two feet. I drew the grid to show were bones could possibly be found. Many other digs use this method so they can estimate what happened to the animal and where the bones might be located.
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