SVCS Digital Learning Month

Week 2 - Creating a Survey in Google Drive

It Is Digital Learning Month!


1. Review the steps below.

2. Create a survey with three questions (name, email and your birthday).

3. Email it to


Gather parent information.

Gather student information.

Quick quiz for students.

Test for students.

Gather digital signature permission slips.


Option 1: If you are in your Gmail, click on the small box of boxes to the right of your name. Choose Google Drive.

Option 2: Enter "" in the address bar of your browser.

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Once you are in drive, click on the red new button. Choose more. Click on forms.
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CLICK ON NEW FORMS at the top center.

Click on untitled form in the upper left. You may backspace or delete and type a new title. This will automatically change the title in the white space below.
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To create your first question, click on the box that says "Multiple Choice". Your options will then appear in a tall menu. Choose what you prefer:

Short Answer - to type your name or only a few words

Paragraph - unlimited text

Multiple Choice - choose one Answer

Checkboxes - choose more than one

Dropdown - you enter selections and users choose one from the list

Linear Scale - on a scale of 1 to 5

Grid - users choose one answer for each row

Date - request date from user

Time - request time from user

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To the right you will see a menu of choices. (see below)

+ is to Add questions

Tt is to add text with no answer options below

The square with mountains is to add an image.

The box with a triangle is to add a youtube video link.

The = will allow you to break to a new page. You can make a multiple part survey where the user has to click next. This is especially nice for surveys that are quite lengthy.

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Finished with your Survey?

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Sending Your Survey

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