Types of play project

solitary play

def: a form of play among a group of children within the same room or area in which each child engages an independent activity using toys that are different toys concentrating soley showing no interest in playing with other children.

The age for this play is usually 0-2

Your child is learning about the world and pretend shapes,colors,music

activity:playing with blocks, draw or fingerpaint

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parallel play

def: playing with other children but not sharing with others

this stage begins at the age 2

Through this play your child learns how to share with others and being social.

Activity:finger painting together

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associative play

def:play in which a group of children participate in similiar activities

this play usually begins 2 or 3

your child will learn social skills and playing with others and copying others through this play.

activity: playing dress up or playing outside together

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cooperative play

def: it involves childrens feelings and ideas playing together

this play usually begins at 4 and 5 years

your child will learn more social skills and how to play with others

activity: playing on the playground together

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