-Shane Schultz

Nature of Work

  1. They give the play-by-play commentary for television or radio broadcasts of sporting events.

  2. They speak or read from scripted materials.

  3. They remember every team players name and #.

  4. They research and select content to tell.

  5. Sportscaster usually work in soundproof studios, they also cover live events outside in all types of weather.

  6. They sometimes will Interview athletes

  7. Abilities needed are speaking, writing, reading, time management, persuasion, Active Listening, Critical Thinking, and Monitoring.


1.Education needed is 4 years in college with a bachelors degree.

2. Recommended majors are Broadcast Journalism, Communications Sports Communication, Radio and Television.

3. You can attend any school for this, as long as it has Broadcast Journalism, Communications, Sports Communication, Radio and Television classes to take.

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Personal Impression

1. Best parts are you get to talk about sports all the time.
2. You get to interview with professional athletes.


1.Entry level pay is $9.39/hr with $19,530 a year

2.Median is $13.23/hr with $27,510 a year

3.Experienced is $18.94 with $39,400 a year
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