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Dear Kindergarten Parents,

I’m in disbelief that 2015 is coming to a close! Where did our time go? Well, for starters, kindergarteners have been BUSY learning about magnets. Early on young scientists think that magnets stick to ALL metal. We tested several objects to see if the magnet would “stick” to them. Then we recorded our results on the data sheet. We discovered that magnets “stick” specifically to iron. We learned that magnets are attracted to each other or repel each other. Once this concept was introduced, we could discuss the fact that magnets have a force field around them and have a north and south pole. Children tested various magnets to establish which was the strongest. We determined that the strongest magnet would hold the most paper clips. We compiled our results for all of the kindergarten classes in a chart and then showed the results in both a pie graph and a bar graph. The tennis ball magnets were the strongest (by 1 paper clip) and the donut magnets were the weakest. This is perfect opportunity to talk about truth in recording information. Children think they can slip one past me when they say their magnet held 600 paper clips…”hmmm, you only had 100 paper clips ;-)” When we return from break we will put some of our theories to the test and try to make cars moves using the powers of attraction and repulsion.

Enjoy your break!

Carpe diem,

Diana Matthews

Elementary Science Educator

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events- STEM session 2 will start immediately when we get back from break (1/5). Sign up will go live December 22nd or 23rd. You will need to put in all of your information…again, but it will be good for the 2016 year. It should be listed under the Sumer Programs button on the portal.

Family Engineering Night is back and will be better than ever! Mrs. Morgan and I have been planning like crazy. Monday, February 1st - more details to come after break.

Please consider taking a pet home over break- Cinnabon, the Guinea Pig or Princess Yoda, the little dwarf hamster ;)