Chapter 4



  • Read-alouds should be happening in EVERY grade level, even though many teachers make excused not to.
  • Some excuses that teachers use are: 1) reading aloud beyond grade three is not supported by the administration as valuable use of instructional time, 2) there's too much curriculum to cover so there is no time for read-aloud, and 3) they are unaware of the benefits and how it can promote a love for reading.


  1. It's fun! A good book read WELL can do wonders for those who are discouraged when it comes to reading. "Reading aloud-a good book read WELL- is the number-one way to positively impact the disengaged reader," (Layne, 2009).
  2. It increases reading comprehension.
  3. Improve listening skills.
  4. Broadens student's vocabulary.
  5. Allows students to hear different genres.

Impactful Read-Aloud

"Reading aloud is our best vehicle not only for exposing kids to the various genres buy also for delivering those genres in a powerful and exciting way that will, hopefully, nurture a desire in our students to ask where they can find "another book like the one you just finished reading us." (Layne, 2009).

A good book read well

Throughout this chapter, the author relates to these read-alouds as being read well. In every student is a continuum that teachers should use to drive their instruction when it comes to how a student thinks about reading. The goal of the teacher is to drive them in the right direction on the continuum. This happens by reading the book WELL.

  • "A good book read well tends to foster positive attitudes toward books in general."
  • "Kids who don't do the reading thing need to be exposed to great stories being read aloud well."
  • "In order to take a student from the far left position of "I hate books, I don't read and you can't make me," we are going to have to put him in a position where being with text comes enjoyable; we are going to have to impact his attitude. A good book read well does that brilliantly!"

(Layne, 2009).

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Layne, S. (2009) Igniting a passion for reading successful strategies for building lifetime readers. Portland, Me.: Stenhouse.