By: Amber, Kaesi, and Amberly

Laziness is a Problem

Many people don't realize that laziness is a real problem. This is because laziness has become part of our society's social norms. People say things like "I just don't feel like doing anything today." This kind of attitude is now an acceptable excuse to do nothing.

What Can Laziness Lead to?

Being lazy can can lead to the loss of a job, obesity, failing class, and many more issues in our society. These seem like a very random list of things that don't have any kind of connection but if you think about it they all have a lot to do with laziness. If you aren't doing your job, you are going to loss it. If you never work out or eat fast food all the time, you are going to gain weight. If you aren't doing homework or paying attention in class, you aren't going to pass you class.

Ways to Prevent Laziness

Rethinking Laziness

In order to solve laziness we need to understand what it truly means. Laziness can be defined in many ways mostly depending on a persons individual views. Some people think that playing video games are lazy, while others make a living off of it. It is all about perspective. Before you call someone lazy think about the questions below.

3 Ways to Rethink Laziness