Wake Up America!

Krishna Jani ~ British Colonist


Take a moment and inspect this dire situation form England's perspective. Ever since we took the bold leap into this new and dangerous territory, they have been by our side, supporting us. They have aided us with supplies that helped establish the colonies we have today at their own expense. In their eyes they believe that we as colonists should obey by Mercantalism and provide back for our mother country which we often fail to do. They have the right and responsibility to enforce order where order has been lost as seen within our very colonies.

Our Mother Country

Starting revolts and rioting in the streets will only cause us more harm. By resisting the simple restraints set on us meant for our own protection, England worries that they are loosing control and sends us even more to regain it. England is a powerful country that will stop at nothing to make sure our colonies will give in. Instead of fighting against them and risking our own personal safety, we should comply and show them that we don't need their force.

England has the right to enforce order apon us since our colonies proven disobedience. For starters, instead of abiding to their tax upon certain items to provide much deserved revenue to them, we illegally smuggled goods around to prevent the extra charge. As said by Mercantalism, it is our responsibility as colonists to provide for our mother country as it has supported us through our growth and development. It was our own fault that they had to enforce more regulations such as the Quarting Act meant to regain order to previous laws that we undermined.

Our mother country supported us during our expansion into this new world. They helped us during our dire times of troubles by supplying us with the resources needed for our survival. And how do we repay them these many years later? We fight against them. We stand against them. We revolt against them. They deserve respect, and we should be forever in their debt.