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May 24, 2016

Useful links and ideas for school leaders and teachers curated from the web by H. Potoka.
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TECH TALK - Powtoon

Powtoon is web-based animation software that allows users to quickly and easily create animated presentations by manipulating pre-created objects, imported images, provided music and user created voice-overs. Teachers can use it to create animated presentations of content for students to view. It can also be used as a form of assessment by asking students to create their own animations.

Getting started is easy since Powtoon provides many customizable templates for beginning users. It’s a matter of simply dragging and dropping text, props, characters, etc.

Powtoon has a number of tutorial videos in their QuickStart Guide and other tutorials can be found on You Tube, for example, What is Powtoon.

This article shares 11 Quick and Amazing Ways to Use Powtoon in the Classroom.

For Parents - Cuddle Don't Coddle

It is not possible to give children too much love, but in today’s society many parents have confused overindulgence with love. Parents overindulge when 1) they give their children too much, 2) they overnurture, and 3) they provide too little structure. This article provides suggestions for how to avoid overindulgence as well as listing appropriate chores for children at different ages.

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Urban Christian Education "Unconference"

An Unconference? It’s a gathering similar to a conference but not a “sit and listen” event. Come to worship with the leaders of other urban Chrisitan schools, listen to short presentations from them, engage in lively conversations with them and share what’s working for you. And the topic for the discussions? School Culture - because it matters! In fact, building and maintaining school culture is one of the most important roles of school leaders.

July 20 and 21, at Daystar School, Chicago

Register and learn more here.

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