Dont Eat Pigs

Pigs are pets not breakfast!

Reason 5

Porkin' you up!

-"Ham, sausage and bacon strips go right to the hips."

-Pig contains high cholesterol and saturated fat

-a diet with pork increases chance of getting heart disease, diabetes, arthiritis, osteoporosis, asthma, altzheimers, and even cancer.

-Pigs that are processed for the purpose of eating are held in dirty environments in which they often incidentally consume feces, urine, carcasses, and cancerous growths none of which can be removed by the pig's digestive system

Reason 4

Pigs have feelings too.

-According to research pigs are smarter than dogs and in fact have the mental capacity of a three year old human.

-If a 3 year old human tasted like pork would you eat it? your own child? what if your neighbors or friends wanted to eat your three year old child?

-if your dog or cat tasted like pork would you eat him or her?

Some Cute Piglets:

"OINK!" means "I love you" in piggie langauge.

Reason 3

Pigs Have Rights Too!!

-Factory Farms mistreat pigs that are raised to be eaten.

-Lock them up so they cannot move and drug them up to make them fatter

-repeatedly impregnate them beyond reason and then slaughter them

-Many die during transportation or from the conditions or the drugs

Famous People that don't eat pigs:

Rosa Parks

Ben Franklin

Albert Einstein

Mohandas Gandhi

Bill Clinton

Mike Tyson

Natalie Portman

Paul McCartney

Ellen DeGeneres


Thomas Edison

Leonardo Da Vinci

Steve Jobs

Albert Einstein

Reason 1


Official and Unofficial rules in history and modern culture.

Vegetarians, Vegans, Jewish People, and Muslims have unofficial or religious laws prohibiting consumption of pork.

Today, in the united states 16,080,000 individuals claim to not eat meat, this doesn't include the people who specifically don't eat pork but this number shows that a great number of Americans agree that pigs should not be eaten.

Throughout history people have made the decision to not eat pig whether it be following their religion or for other personal reasons the eating of pork has brought debate throughout history. There was a point in time that some even thought that it was a sin to eat pork because of certain statements found in the Christian bible.