All About Thailand

By: Alayna Maxfield

Introduction- All About Thailand

Thailand is one of the best country's in Southeast Asia! It is a very beautiful country and their economy is very strong and productive. The people of Thailand are called Thai and in the past, it was primarily an agricultural country.Thailand is also the only country in Southeast Asia that has been ruled by a Western power. It has a rapidly developing economy and it's urban centers have expanded in fast pace. Once called Siam, Thailand means "land of the free."

"Land of Natural Beauty"


Thailand's Geography

Thailand is slightly more than twice the size of Wyoming. It has 67,091,089 people and most of them live in the largest capital and city, Bangkok. It borders the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand and is southeast of Burma. The Climate is tropical, rainy, and warm. It is cloudy southwest monsoon and dry in the northeast monsoon. Mountains also cover most of Thailand. Thailand's natural resources are tin, rubber, natural gas, lead, gypsum, lignite, and fluorite. The geographic coordinates of Thailand is 15 00 N 100 00 E. Its border countries are Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. Rain falls almost everyday between months of May and September. The moist and humid weather encourages the diverse and abundant wildlife in Thailand.

People and Culture of Thailand

So far to me, this sounds like a really cool country, now lets talk about Thailand's people and culture. The majority of people that live in Thailand come from Thai, Malaysian, Chinese or Mon cultures. About 96% of Thailand's population is Buddhist. Buddhism is a religion that encourages it followers to reduce suffering in the world. Because of Buddhist influences in this culture, many boys and young men become monks. In Thailand you greet someone by putting your palms together near one's chest and bowing slightly. This is called Wai Many people in Thailand live in modern homes like we do. Traditional homes are made out of wood and raised up on post. These homes are raised because of rainy seasons and monsoons that bring floods. ( THAT'S A GOOD FORM OF PROTECTION!) Thailand is a leading manufacturer of electronics. Thailand is also the world largest producer of pineapples. On the second Saturday of July, Thai children celebrate a day just for them called Children's day. On Children's day, Thai kids get to go out for special activities. Many places such as Movie Theaters may offer half price for children admissions. Most town have special activities or festivals for the children. Thailand celebrates this because they feel that children are an important resource of their country. WELL WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL!!! Now that's a culture I would want to be a part of!

Government in Thailand

The kingdom of Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. It is governed by a prime minister, cabinet, and National Assembly. The constitution of 1997 established a two-house legislature. The senate consists of 200 members elected to serve six year terms, and the House of Representatives has 500 members elected to four year terms. The legal age in marriage is 17 for both men and women and Thai people have no right to vote because they are a constitutional monarchy. Thailand has amazing education and is better than US schools.

Thailand Economy

Lets talk about Thailand's Economy. Thailand is a leading producer of electronics such as computers and phones. Their industries are agricultural processing, textiles, tourism, beverages tobacco, cement, jewelry electric appliances, furniture, plastics, automobiles and automotive parts. Thailand's exports are textiles and footwear, fishery products, rice, rubber, jewelry, automobiles and computers and electronic appliances. Their imports are machinery and parts, petroleum, iron and steel, chemicals, vehicles and parts, jewelry, fish preparations, electrical appliances and fertilizers and pesticides. Thailand's currency is called Baht (THB). Thailand has a very good economy and their taxes are lower than the United States. This is why Thailand has a leading economy!