Free Falling

A Mankato Area Diving Club

Our Business

We plan to start a diving club in the Mankato area to stimulate an already prominent southern Minnesota diving community through a quality club experience that promotes improvement.


The need for a club that can bring introductory as well as advanced instruction to area athletes is wanted and needed in the Mankato area. Individuals who are currently participating in the Minnesota high school competitive dive season are looking for a program that will prepare and equip them during the off-season. With a group of nearly 100 divers that are current or recent high school athletes, Mankato already has a large group of consumers that would benefit from a diving club in their area. Younger athletes that are currently involved in area gymnastics schools are also looking for an avenue to pursue diving. With this large group of beginner athletes as well as advanced veterans, our proposed investment would be economically viable.

self Analysis


I qualified for state my freshmen year with a second place finish out of thirty divers at our section competition, and finished eleventh in the state! After that year’s success, I was elected a captain of the Mankato West swim and dive team for the following year. I was then invited to coach an introductory diving class through a community education swim lessons program throughout that summer. My sophomore year accomplishments include: section diver of the year, another trip to the state competition, and being named a captain for the 2013-2014 year.

Business Setup


Orgazational Structure


Free Falling will be a sole proprietorship (a business owned and operated by just one individual), due to the simplicity of the service and the need for the intimate level of instruction and communication that we advertise. A sole proprietorship is the easiest type of business to start, and will keep costs down; I will be in charge of daily operations, management, and the overall organization of the business. I will also handle the finances of the business in order to personally address customer financial concerns and employee payment advances and initiatives.


  • Our club will employ 2 head coaches, one for our beginner divers and another for our advanced and elite group athletes.
  • An additional 2 coaches will be hired as assistants to our head coaches.
  • We will also be hiring a gymnastics instructor to coach dive related form and technique dry land drills at the gym.
  • For safety purposes, a lifeguard will be hired to oversee pool practices and an athletic trainer will be available for injury prevention and recovery.

Government Laws & Regulations

Club & Athlete Insurance

Before our club can begin there are a few memberships and certifications that must be received. Through USA diving, the United State’s premier non-profit diving organization that oversees the country’s diving programs and competitions

  • Club membership ($125) that will provide facility insurance, general liability insurance, and sport accident insurance for athletes.
  • Athletes will also individually purchase (according to their group) a competitive limited ($12), competitive blue ($20), or a competitive gold ($75) athletes membership that will allow for their participation in certain meets and training events throughout the country. In addition to a club membership, we will also purchase coaches’ memberships.
  • Our head coaches will need to have full coach memberships ($125) as well as payment to attend a safety certification class (First Aid and CPR) that is given (and required) by USA diving.
  • Our assistant coaches will need introductory coach memberships ($15) that allow them to work under our head coaches and attend meets and other events.



Market & Economy

Economic Viability

  • Free Falling’s purpose is to bring a quality dive club to the Mankato area. We’re looking to bring growth in an already prominent diving community by providing a local outlet for instruction that also stimulates public interest in the sport through introductory classes.
  • Our location is ideal because southern Minnesota divers will no longer need to commute in order to find clubs that provide what they need in order to have a successful diving career.
  • Mankato is a community that is home to many families with children, and our club would be where they would come for an introduction and future development in the sport of diving. We look to provide convenience to our athletes and their families’ by working around schedules and paychecks.


Personal & Non-Personal

  • We would like to place an advertisement for our club in the local newspaper, hand out information pamphlets through area elementary schools, and meet with current high school divers and their parents at high school swim/dive team meetings.
  • An initial information and sign up night will be held at Frozen Yogurt Creations in Mankato, with free “Fro-Yo” for the first 20 athletes to sign up for our program (a $150 expense). We look to also bring media attention by hosting an invitational at our local pool.
  • Having a large meet with national recognition from the diving community will promote our club, and show our high status to the locals. We would alert news outlets of our event, and pre-advertise the meet as a showcase of our current athletes and the sport of diving as a whole.
  • Personal promotion is a large part of our club’s community campaign. We hope to establish a good reputation by word of mouth, and talk about our club will also bring in a majority of our athletes that are not necessarily looking to join a diving club.
  • Our coaching staff will also encourage involvement, due to their successful techniques and professional diving experience.
  • The individualized coaching and quality instruction that our club provides to people of all ages and backgrounds, will create a strong foundation of consumers that will take part of what our program has to offer. This foundation will take root and grow into a flourishing community of respected athletes and performers.