Friendship Gives you Happiness

By: Rebecca Whyte, 6-7

Analysis of Development of Theme

At the beginning of Freak the Mighty, Max didnt even remeber freak from daycare. Most of the time he was just sad and mopy. Then when Freak moved down the street from his house, Max started to be curious about that little kid who walked with crutches- at the time, he didn't remember who Freak was. But then the first time they met since daycare on that hot summer day, they totally hit it off. A small, scrawny kid and a big giant that could hardly fit in his basement-room. Max wasn't alone all the time anymore! He was alot happier with Freak and Freak was a lot happier with Max. Espeically the time at Millcreek pond with Tony D. and his gang. "Thats how it all started, how we got to be Freak the Mighty, slaying dragons and fools and walking high above the world."

Refection and Application of Theme

I think the theme I chose is very true and universal. I agree with it completely. The author portrayed the theme in an exemplary way. How Max- before he met Freak- was a big lazy butt. Then they started hanging out and it all changed. Max was now with Freak about 98% of the time! They are inseparable. This theme is also true for our generation becasue at school if you don't have a squad or group of friends that you can always turn to you are generally not the happiest of all people. Although some people like to be alone, now days life is alot more exciting. Even if you have a group, you should still reach out to others that might not have a group.


Freak the Mighty is a great story for kids to read because it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never expect whats going to happen. And you never lose focus when you are with Max, Freak, or any of the characters. They always keep you entertained. A great thing about this book is it always has little stories going on in the big story of Freak the Mighty. For instance, Max's dad is in jail for more than 3/4 of the book and now Max lives in his G&Gs basement. But what happened to his mom? You won't ever know until you read this story about frienship and perseverance.

Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick was born in 1951 in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently lives in Maine and Florida. He is an american writer for both children and adults. He also collaborated on scary books including " The house on Cherry Street", " The Werewolf Chronicles", and " Visitors". Two of his most popular books are Freak the Mighty, and Max the Mighty. Freak the Mighty was the basis of Golden Globe- nominated movie titled simply The MIghty.