Washington ELC and NJSD 4K Program

Weekly Staff Newsletter

April 11th to April 15th, 2016

This week's meetings/activities

Please review the meetings/activities for this week. If you feel I missed something, please let me know a.s.a.p.

Monday, April 11:

7:45--Check the GOOGLE DOC for bus changes!

8:00-12:00--Stacie @ Admin Building (4K interviews)

3:00--4K teachers (work on order)

Tuesday, April 12:

11:05--Eval/IEP (Heidi B.)

3:00--IEP (Cole S.)

Wednesday, April 13:

3:00--4K teachers (work on order)

Thursday, April 14:

9:00-11:00--Stacie @ Admin Meeting

3:00--Meeting w/ SLP's

Friday, April 15:

8:00--Eval/IEP (Mihir)

10:50--IEP (Nicholas @ WI)

11:30--Eval/IEP (E. Krull)

12:30--LST (we will review all EC & 4K retentions)

3:00--Eval/IEP (Joey J.)

A look ahead:

Next week: Tornado Drills (AM & PM)

Friday, April 22: PLD

Pizza Reading Incentive Program

I will add a reminder to my weekly newsletter, but I would ask that each of you reminder your families, as well.

This is the LAST WEEK to turn in the reading incentive sheets for a free mini-Murph pizza.

The certificates for the free pizza will go home with students on Friday. Please refer to the email that Jay sent you this past week or see him if you have any questions.

4K Staff

Although we have a good start, we need to finalize our 4K order.

We will meet this week Monday and Wednesday at 3:00. Off-sites, please come as soon as you can. We will work until people need to leave. We will continue to set meeting dates until we are completed.

Remember, if you will not be there please make sure you make your needs known.

(EA's are not required to attend).


Tornado Drills

April is Tornado Awareness Month. We will be having an AM & PM drill next week (days/times TBD). Please review your classroom emergency plan for tornados.

Also, please start discussions this week with your students about tornado safety.

I will touch base with each of you regarding your designated spot. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.