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Canada Now

Canada is a great country to live in (OF COURSE). It's clean, rich economically and very diverse. That is because we have a great immigration rate. We get a lot of immigrants every year into our country. We need more immigrants because our country's birth rate is dropping every year. People are having less babies so we need immigrants to keep our population up. We have lots of First Nations Reserves, but our relationship with the of this land is not that great. In this Smore, I'll be taking you on a journey through time of how Canada will change in 2060 based on its demography, immigration and relationship with the Natives.


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Immigration has played a major role in growing Canada's population. We accept immigrants from all across the globe. Canada accepts different types of immigrants. We accept Economic Immigrants, Family Immigrants, Refugees and many more. Immigrants make up a lot of our population right now.

By the year 2060 I predict our immigration rate will have grown by a massive amount. Due to the decrease in our birth rate and the increase in our death rate, we will need a steady amount of population. That is where immigration will come in to play. Immigration will become a big part of Canada's population.

The trend our immigration is following right now is going up. Each year we bring in new immigrants from other countries.

In the coming decades, our immigration will be rising faster because we will need new immigrants.


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This is Canada's population pyramid from 2010. As it clearly states, there are way more adults than children. That is because people do not want to have children. Once all the adults in their 40's and 50's pass away, our country's death rate will be extremely high and our birth rate will be very low. This will result in a dramatic decrease of population growth.

By 2060, our population increase will have dropped drastically. Most of the adults from the Baby Boom will have either passed away or will be very old. Most of our population will be seniors or old adults [as seen in the graph below].

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First Nations

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Over the years, our relationship with the First Nations has worsened drastically. A lot of the promises in the Indian Act were never fulfilled. First Nations are the Natives of Canada. They were the first people living on North America before the Europeans came and conquered it. For years the Natives worked with the British, such as providing troops for The War of 1812. In 1876, the Indian Act was signed. This treaty defines who is and who is not considered an "Indian", and how reserves and bands of First Nations operate.

If our relationship with the First Nations does not improve then by 2060 it will have gotten a lot worse than it currently is. If the First Nations don't get the promises that were made in the Indian Act, then they could start becoming hostile. This would make our relationship with them a whole lot worse.

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Overall, Canada is looking great for now but no one knows what the future is going to bring us. We need to start a better relationship with the Natives, increase our birth rate and look after our immigration numbers.